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let me finish tonight with this. i keep trying to figure out which way this country is heading. i know we're going in the liberal direction with the growing acceptance, i think true acceptance of gay people. the study moving to support same-sex marriages. i think the most dramatic shift of public attitudes on something so basic i can ever remember. on guns, i think it's hard to say. yes, there's a national up surge of desire for gun safety. yes, people have seen the worst now and want to do something about it. but when i look at gun sales and nra memberships, i get the sense that a good number of people out there are circling the wagons. they're preparing for the fight.
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so the only thing i can figure is that that movement, crude as it may be to throw these two issues together toward personal freedom, toward individual autonomy is growing. profoundly, on the right, as well as on the left. people want to make their own decisions, they do. and it may be dangerous for society as a whole to allow this when it comes to gun-buying, but there you have it. in one bet, you can make on america we are still a cowboy country. we reilike to get around in ourn cars and live in our own houses. the difference here is doing harm to others. two people getting married doesn't hurt someone else's marriage, nor does it reduce its reverence or love. having a gun in the wrong hands, freedom for that person can mean death for lots of otherings. and that is where the desire for freedom jumps the tracks. that's where our cowboy urge need wyat earp to come in and clean up dodge city. "politics nation" with al sharpton starts right now. >> thanks, chris.
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and thanks to you for tuning in. i'm live from atlanta. tonight's lead, republicans need a reality check on guns. they need to see the human face on tragedy. they need to see the horrible toll this violence and their policies are taking on our children. that's what the president was doing today. this afternoon, president obama took his fight for gun safety to his hometown of chicago. a city that's been torn apart by gun violence. in the crowd was mother of hadiya pendleton, the 15-year-old honor student who was shot and killed just a week after attending the inauguration. >> fortunately, what happened to hadiya is not unique. too many of our children are being taken away from us.
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two months ago, america mourned 26 innocent first graders and their educators in newtown. the overwhether he will ming majority of americans are asking for some common sense proposals to make it harder for criminals to get their hands on a gun. these proposals deserve a vote in congress. they deserve a vote. >> they deserve a vote. these victims of violence deserve courage from our leaders. this morning, at the white house, the president got emotional. wiping away a tear while announcing medals for the teachers and educators at sandyhook elementary who died trying to protect their kids. >> they had no idea that evil was about to strike. they could have taken shelter by themselves, but they didn't. they gave their lives to protect
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the precious children in their care. they gave all they had for the most innocent and helpless among us. and that's what we honor today. the courageous heart, the self fless spirit, the inspiring actions of extraordinary americans. >> the president embraced the family of those newtown heroes one-on-one as they came up to accept their medals for their loved ones. this is what he's fighting for. this is why now is the time for action. congressman, let pme start with you. how can he see what the president is talking about and still say we don't need to make a change. >> well, reverend al, all they
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had to do was come to chicago to know how impactful it has been in terms of the numbers of individuals who have been shot, killed, maimed, we've got to do something. we must do it quickly. and one of the best things that we can do is reduce the number of guns on the streets in our possessions and to make sure that nobody except military personnel and some law enforcement people, have access to these weapons of mass destruction that people are walking up and down the streets. >> now, melissa, when you see the president tearing up and he had the same reaction tearing up the day that we heard about newtown, you get a real sense of
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how personal and how deeply this affects him as a person. something that runs contrary to his cool, unflappable image that he's been given since we've known him in national politics. >> well, you know, reverend sharpton -- >> go ahead, melissa. >> i think the president -- >> reverend sharpton, as you know, of course, the personal nature of the fact i think that we particularly saw during the president's speech today in high park, you know, before he began speaking, you could see a certain kind of enthusiasm about being back home, about being in high park. you could hear that enthusiasm reflected back by the young people at high park academy. as you know, i continue to have fa family who live right there in the neighborhood. so my fear and terror as a parent about what is happening in terms of violence there, i can certainly feel the president on that sense of -- it was the
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connection he made during his speech today. but here, in chicago, we get a newtown ever four months. >> let me show that clip, melissa. people need to understand that it's not only the mass killings, congressman day visz. it is the consistent kind of siege that people are living under in certain parts of this country. listen to this part of the president's speech. >> last year, there were 443 murders with a firearm on the streets of this city. 65 of those victims were 18 and under. so that's the equivalent of a newtown every four months. >> the equivalent, congressman davis, of a newtown every four months. i worked with you on our national action chapter network there. you've been dealing with this for years with your constituents on the west side and all over
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chicago where it's a constant fear, a constant kind of hoping that the next time the phone ringing u it's not bringing you bad news. human beings have to live under this kind of condition is unbelievable. >> and i think it's one of the reasons why it's so important that the president came to chicago. people have been clambering and asking for him to come home. and while they recognize that he is the president of the united states of america and must give attention to all areas, all issues and all parts, but we always say that charity begins at home. people are ecstatic that the president was here this afternoon. the young people and others embraced his every word. they were so thrilled and delighted because he brought hope to them. hope to their lives.
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hope that we're going to get a handle on this issue. and i was moved when he said each one of us must be involved, we need all hands on deck. it can't happen alone. all of us must work together to make it happen. and convince the republicans in congress that we've got to do something right now to put a stop to this carnage. >> melissa, talking about republicans, at the same time, there's a republican state lawmaker in texas who is actually introduced a bill creating gun classes in school. he says go to any high school today and you'll see them engaging and many what we could consider probably dangerous activities.
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do republicans really think that guns are like dumbbells or basketballs? >> right. look. i would suggest, actually, that part of what the president suggested, as bad as those policies shlgs these sort of direct policies that we're seeing coming out of the most conservative will wants of the republican party, that actually, the most cage dangerous elements are about republican economic policy. so what the president said today is, look, when you're looking at the problem of chicago, it can't exclusively be under as a gun policy problem because, of course, chicago has very stringent gun laws. you have to look at the much broader questions of economic opportunity that are available.
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here is what we have is going to stand in the way of the president. it's going to stand in the way of the president's economic, stimulating proposals that will help communities and give young people opportunities for jobs and employment and higher education and the things that we know will really begin to stem the tide of violence. and so i think we have to be vigilant about their gun policies. but we also have to be equally vigilant about economic policy. >> congressman davis, thanks for your time. as the congressman can tell you, the stringent laws of chicago are one thing. but you've got to have national stringent laws. not just in the city. >> we've got to have help across the nation. thank you so much, reverend al. >> thank you.
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>> thank you. >> we'll deal with more of this later in the show. ahead, john mccain has a personal grudge and he's actually admitting it. and those screams you hear are coming from wall street. elizabeth warren gets to work and it's explosive. nothing says changs like carl "meltdown" rove. bik show coming. stay with us:
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have you joined the "politics nation" conversation on facebook yet? we hope you will. the committee hearing was a big hit. donna says there's a new sheriff in town. jane says she is what we needed for so long. jay says this is why i contributed to her campaign, even though i live in georgia. we've got more on warren and why wall street is scared already coming up later. but, first, we need you to come share your thoughts. please head over to facebook and search politics nation and like us to join the conversation that keeps going long after the show ends. humans. even when we cross our t's and dot our i's, we still run into problems. namely, other humans.
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guess what, i was right. >> there's a lot of ill will towards senator hagel because when he was a republican, he attacked president bush mercilessly. it was very anti his own party and people. people don't forget that. you can disagree, but if you're disagreeab disagreeable, then people don't forget that. >> mccain blocks hagel for defense secretary because he
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said fwbad things about preside bush, because he stopped hanging out with his own party, because he stopped hanging out with the cool kids? what is this? high school? i'm sorry mr. mccain's feelings got hurt, but it's to reason to block a vote on national security, especially when he promised not to. >> we've never filibustered a presidential candidate and i don't think we should start here. >> that was sunday. but just four days later, mccain said no to holding a note on hagel. he broke his promise, he filibustered. john mccain obviously still had some sour grapes with chuck hagel, but he's really trying to get back at the man who beat him in 2008. this is all about trying to settle scores with president obama. joining me now is former pennsylvania governor, ed rendell. governor, is this all about
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losing to the president? >> sure it is, rev. and the best proof of it is it has nothing to do with chuck. giving answers on benghazi should have no answers. it's simply what mccain said in 2006. after hagel had been a republican, said things about president bush, john mccain said, and i know you put up the quote before, i would be honor today have chuck hagel as my secretary of state. so it's clearly not about hagel, it's about obama. you're absolutely right. >> and to drive the point further, he once shared similar views on issues with the president. but, now, he's flip-flopping, even though he's shared though views. so he wouldn't agree with the president anymore. he changed. he flip-flopped on tax cuts under president bush.
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mccain actually opposed tax cuts for the wealthiment but under president obama, he says those bush tax cuts should stay. on repealing don't ask, don't tell, under bush, mckaicain supported the repeal of don"don ask, don't tell". on the dream act, mccain sponsored three versions of the dream act urn president bush. but under president obama, he opposed the dream act. so all of this flip-flopping on things you used to agree with but anything the president is for, if his name is obama, you're against. this is very, very petty. >> and on global warming, remember, the mccain lieberman plan was a good plan and mccain
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december disallowed that when obama became president. >> no, there's no doubt about it. when the president was elected in 2008, since that time, mccain has gone after him and the attacks have just gotten worse and worse. listen to this. >> it's interesting how there's been numerous shifts on the president's issues since the election. he's traveling around on a canadian bus selling american jobs. >> this president leads in leading from behind. he does not believe in american exceptionalism and that accounts for his behavior. >> this president is either engaged in a massive cover up deceiving the american people or he is so grossly incompetent that he's not qualified to be the commander in chief. >> don't americans have the right to look for stellar leadership where people can oppose each other and when the
3:22 pm
contest is over, governor, they work together for the good of the country? i mean, there have been exchanges in the 2008 primary races between then-senator barack obama and then-senator hillary clinton. they ended up working together and then put together as team as secretary of state that i think will be a study for political sien science students for decades to come. >> no question. and if you go back a little further to cross party lines when president george w. bush was elected, one of his earliest supporters was ted kennedy. you remember ted kennedy and president bush put together no child left behind. and senator kennedy led his credibility to that. he worked on the president with something he believed would be good. and if they had funded no child left behind properly, it would have been a success. so this is a recent phenomena and i will tell you, the
3:23 pm
republicans are hurting themselves. they are driving home, in the minds of the american people, that they are obstruction u.s.ists. they will disagree with the president no matter how good his ideas are. >> governor ed rendell, thanks for your time tonight. >> thanks, rev, and nice weekend. >> same to you. coming up, the president pounds his message for fairness in chicago today. and senator elizabeth warren gets 20 would recollect. . >> can you identify when you last took the wall street banks to trial? when did you bring them to trial? anyone else want to tell me about the last time you took wall street bank to trial? >> we're coming right back. stay with us. my mother made the best toffee in the world.
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massachusetts senator elizabeth warren made her name by standing up for middle class americans. for defending main street. for fighting for consumer protection and for promising to hold banks accountable.
3:28 pm
>> there is nobody in this country who got rich on his own. nobody. >> we need a strong cop on the beat to make sure no one steals your purse on main street or your pension on wall street. >> wall street ceos, the same ones who wrecked our economy and destroyed millions of jobs, still shut strut around congress, no shame, demanding favors and acting like we should thank them. does anyone here have a problem with that? well, i do, too. i do, too. >> but those ceos might not be strutting around congress much longer. their worst nightmare is coming true. senator warren, senator warren is on the job and heshe's not guilty holding back. oh, yes, there's a new sheriff in town. that's next. [ bells jingle ]
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the defining characteristic of this administration has been its fight for the little guy. we saw that again this week in the proposals outlined at the state of the union. in the push for early childhood education for all americans regardless of income. and in his full throttled crusade to raise the minimum wage. >> today, a family with two kids that works hard and relies on a minimum wage salary still lives below the poverty line. that's wrong. and we should fix them. we should reward an hon esz day's work with honest wages and that's why we should raise the minimum wage to $9 an hour and make it a wage you can live on. >> and he's not the only one crusading for main street. wall street's worst nightmare is coming true. senator elizabeth warren held her first banking committee
3:33 pm
hearing with the regulators and she came out swinging. >> tell me a little bit about the last few times you've taken the biggest financial institutions on wall street all the way to a trial. anybody? >> we do not have to bring people to a trial -- >> i appreciate that you say you don't have to bring them to trial. my question is when did you bring them to trial? >> we have not had to do it as a practical matter to achieve our supervisory goals. >> so the question i am asking is can you identify the last time you talk the wall street banks to trial. >> i will have to get back to you with the spefblg information. >> anyone else want to tell me the last time you took a wall street bank to trial? you know, i want to note on
3:34 pm
this, there are district attorneys and u.s. attorneys who are out there every day squeezing ordinary citizens on sometimes very thin grounds. and taking them to trial. in order to make an example, as they put it. i'm really concerned that too big to fail has become too big for trial. that just seems wrong to me. >> that seems wrong to me, too. thankfully, someone is trying to do something about it. back with me now, melissa harris perry and e.j.dion. thanks for coming on the show. >> good to be with you. >> absolutely. >> melissa, let me go back to you. how scared should wall street be? >> well, what i love is it was just sort of a clinic in the so cattic method. all she did was ask a question. so senator warren just asked the same question over and over again. tell me about when you took wall street banks to trial. and by asking that question, she, of course, reveals the answer itself which is they don't take them to trial.
3:35 pm
they aren't held acountable. and then that lovely code at the end, that ordinary people are. the point here is the juxtaposition of fairness and what counts as fair and who gets made an example of in this country and who doesn't. so i think they ought to be quite nervous. as soon as questions like that are posed, then the american people do begin to ask for exactly the accountability that these wall street banks have not to, in fact, have. >>. e.j., she didn't hold back. what does that tell us about the future? what do you expect from senator elizabeth warren? >> i'm really happy she oogs there. people make fun of professor ins politics. they're pretty effective. i think what gives warren
3:36 pm
real power there is she looks at what's wrong from the top and what's wrong for people at the bottom. she has done a lot of work with problems of bankruptcy law, particularly, the bankruptcy law that got through the congress a few years ago, despite her fighting it, where a lot of people at the bottom of the economy get sdwequeezed when th fall in trouble through no fault of their own. so i think she can bring to bear a lot of knowledge about the way the regulatory system works, about the way wall street works and about the way life works for average people. >> you know, one of tthe thingst bothers me includes federal custodians, nurses and doctors at veteran affairs facilities, federal first responders.
3:37 pm
that seems especially callous given that the average member of congress makes $174,000 a year, but they're freezing federal workers that make much lower than that. that's very callous to me. >> and they've also made a variety of decisions about the u.s. postal service that are massively leading in the post office. and we know how porntd the postal service has been as one of these ladladders, as the president might say, particularly for communities of color and for women who make up a proportionate share of these workers. one of the things we've seen in gop discourse is this idea that government doesn't create jobs. that is simply inaccurate. we know that these are, in fact, very good jobs. jobs that tend to be the least discriminatory jobs because the government actually asserts sort of high quality, nondiscriminatory policies and
3:38 pm
often has some of the best benefits, retirement, all of that. and the gom is going after those jobs and deepening our economic crisis when there is no need to. >> e.j., not only going after those things in government that provides jobs, they seemed absolutely out raged that the president would propose a $9 federal minimum wage when we've been ensuring the last couple of nights how a single parent with a child is making below the poverty level. and, in fact, former reagan advisor says that haggling over minimum wage is bad politics.
3:39 pm
>> even he can see this, but they're acting as if this is something that is totally unthinkable. >> raising the minimum wage is popular because there is a moral sense that people have that if you work hard every day, you ought to be able to make a living. when min 34u78 wage increases go on ballots in ref ren da, they almost always win. if anything, i wish the president would ask for a slightly higher increase. i don't think nine bucks brings us back to where we should be. but the point is, we have a lot of people in this society who work every day and have a lot of trouble supporting their families. we think this is popular. and i hope he makes a big deal of it until it's raised. >> now, the people over at fox, melissa, have a theory of why
3:40 pm
the president wants to deal with universal early education. take a look at this. >> look at what the president is doing here. it's a repeat performance of his cam feign. you raise taxes on the rich and offer all kinds of free stuff to people who will vote for you in the future. this is one of those occasions. free pre-school education for four-year-olds. it's free. hand out the goodies. >> now, maybe i missed something. you're the professor, i'm the preacher. but giving education to kids is handing out stuff? >> yeah, to potential voters who vote, what, like, you know, they're four. >> they'll be voting in about 14 years. >> they're not going to make the next election cycle. listen, what we know is a dollar for dollar pre-k that is really a terrific way for us to spend our money.
3:41 pm
and the thing that's really important is it's not free stuff. we pay taxes into our system. and what we know is that pre-k keeps particularly children who are from more impoverished communities and famtlies, it keeps them ready, it makes them ready for kindergarten. it makes them more able to be contributing members. every dollar that we spend there has an enormous impact on the other side. politically, it's a bad kind of fight. when you have set up your party to be against folks who work every day and don't make enough to support their families and to be against the four-year-olds getting a head start in being able to read and write and being excited about learning education, it's really hard to imagine what the winning coalition is for that party. >> that might be why they're not the winning coalition. don't forget, catch melissa
3:42 pm
harris perry tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. and sunday here on msnbc. we'll be right back. coming up, it sounds like a joke. but it's true. republicans host secret meetings to hear the wit and wisdom of karl rove. unbelievable story. . and mccain train cane train running again. here we go. ♪ [ female announcer ] almost nothing can dampen a baby's mood, when he wakes up dry in pampers. unlike other diapers, pampers has 3 absorbent layers,
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you really can't make this stuff up if you tried. today, we learned the gop is holding secret, closed-door meetings to turn the party around. and who are they going to for wisdom? this guy. karl "on-air-meltdown" rove. nothing says change like karl rove. meanwhile, marco rubio, mr.
3:47 pm
gulp fiction himself, is out praising freshman senator ted cruz and tweeting happy to see ted cruz came to d.c. to make a difference, not just make some friends. yes, rubio thinks this guy is a super star. >> we need to eliminate unnecessary institutions. >> we are living in the days of atlas shrubs. >> i will never support new taxes. period. the end. >> i think it's time for some more meetings. joining me now are angela rye and dana millbank. is this really the master plan to save the party? >> you know, it's just so hard to keep abreast of all of ted
3:48 pm
cruz's out rages. he's been on the job for six weeks and he's already sort of rivaling joe mccarthy. you know, in fairness to karl rove, he is telling the republicans what they need to hear. and i suspect republican leaders would like to do it. the problem is you can see like a guy from ted cruz, there's no way to control him. he has this swollen sense of his own importance. and he's made -- look, obviously, he's infur rating the democrats. but even members of his own party are starting to get sore about this. they realize there's nothing they can do to control him. and they are becoming the face of the party. >> but angela, some members of his own party may begin to know it, but marco rubio is praising him as a superstar. look at ted cruz's resume. he believes sharia law is replacing american law. he believes medicaid is
3:49 pm
unconstitutional. he proposed state nullification of the affordable care act. he even thinks there's a united nation's conspiracy to abolish golf courses. >> well, re verks, sorry i'm laughing, but it doesn't pass the laugh test. at the end of the day, i think we have to look at the commonality that ted cruz a and marco spsz rubio have. that is they are both power thirszty. it really is a problem at this point. they say that they're elected to come to washington to create change. but, at some point, you have to evaluate the types of change that you're implementing. if the types of change that you're implementing is causing stalemates, preventing laws that make good sense from being enacted and signed by if president,that is a huge, huge problem. at some point, you have to say we're going backwards. or, rev, as you know, they say in the church, we are backsliding. >> yeah, they do say that.
3:50 pm
dana, let me ask you your response to this. politico has reported that at the gop's secret meetings, here's some of the rules they reportedly agreed on. rule 1, stop talking like the world is going to end. no more doom and gloom. rule 2, start repealing regulations. no one ever heard of package all cuts together. and, three, sand down the party's rough edges. be nicer. >> well, reverend, if you sanded out all of these rough edges, there'd be nothing left on the thing. i think that's the problem they're talking about. i think in the same article, some members are beginning to say what we've been talking about for months now. it's not just about the packaging or the messaging. there's a fundamental problem in what the policies are that are being delivered here. there's no way to dress this up if that's going to be the policy.
3:51 pm
so you can stop talking about the world ending. but if your budget is cutting the united states government by 40% or so over the next ten years, well, you're creating a pretty apock liptic scene right there. so there's a beginning to come to grasps with the notion that some policies need to change. and then there's ted cr urksz z in the like. >> angela, it's not only ted cr urksz z and the extremists that seem to keep coming. i'm here in atlanta. right here, congressman paul brown who is running for the senate in ga gae, he sent out wednesday a fund raising letter with this quote. i was the first member of congress to call him a socialist who embraces marxist, lenninist policies like government control of health care and redistribution of welt. this obama-bashing and extreme distortion of the president is still being used by some
3:52 pm
republicans in statewide office who are already members of congress. >> there are conspiracy theories that are put out than worst than what you see on the cover of national inquirer. at some point, we say enough with the distraction. we have to deal with our own party. and at some point, we have to deal with what's immediately before us. they have reasons why they can't support immigration reform. reasons why they can't implement the buffet rule. i mean, you continue to go on and on. and, now, from the president's state of the union address, reasons why they can't support a minimum wage increase. like, it's not about the president's any type of conspiracy theer riff they can come up with. this is really about the fact that they are so off base and off -- not just off message, totally off and out of connection with the american people. and what really makes sense. there are some really bassic things that we can do to get the country on track. and they're just not trying to do it.
3:53 pm
anything but to do the right thing. >> now, dana, help me with this. they want to rebrand not only the party, but the right wing and conservatives. they wanted to redo things. at fox, they announced they were letting sarah palin go, they were letting dick morris go. so we began saying they're getting ready to reshape and deal with some of the rougher edges of the right wing. and then, all of the sudden, here's a great announcement. they're bringing on mr. 9-9-9, herman cane is now at fox. explain to me how going from palin and morris to cane is a redo of where you are as an extreme right party? >> well, they just wanted to sand down the old rough edges, reverend. that doesn't mean they don't want to install a couple of new ones. look, that's what they're going to continue to do.
3:54 pm
and you can't touch people like ted cruz because they're not elected by all of america. they're elected by conservative republicans in texas. >> thanks for your tomb. time. have a great weekend. >> ahead, why the fight for gun control is so personal for this president. next. my mother made the best toffee in the world. it's delicious. so now we've turned her toffee into a business. my goal was to take an idea and make it happen. i'm janet long
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risk includes possible loss of principal. >> they gave their lives to protect the precious children in their care. they gave all they had for the most innocent and helpless among us. >> president obama today honoring the six educators who died protecting students at sandyhook elementary. he was emotional shedding a tear as he spoke about their heroic actions. it was the same emotion we saw on the day of the shooting, a
3:58 pm
day he called the worst of his presidency. >> last year, there were 443 murders with a firearm on the streets of of this city. that's the equivalent of a newtown every four mornts. >> joining me now is maureen forte, president of the chicago chapter of my national action network. she's been instrumental in fighting the violence on the city streets. let me show you a map here of all 06 chicago homicides last year that the president was talking about today. 443 murders with a firearm. you've been in the trempbls in the streets for years. certainly in the last couple years dealing with gang
3:59 pm
violence, dealing with these homicides with other members of national action network and other groups there. how are people dealing with this fear and dealing with this sense of being under siege? >> well, reverend, what's happened, i listened to the president today as he recounted his state of the union address and addressing the violence here in chicago. he's a product of the chicago area. and my suggestion to him and to many others to reflect back when he was a street organizer and come down and speak with the gras ro grassroots organizations environment. it doesn't determine that you're going to be a failure. the gun violence, regardless of how many laws are passed, it's up to the people to unite to build stronger bridges of communication, to make a difference in the commy.

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